1. Introduction

OptimumbyCallens.com uses its own cookies (first-party cookies) and cookies of third parties who offer their services via the website (third-party cookies).
Below, you will find an overview of how we use these cookies.
Please note that certain media will be unavailable to you if you do not accept the relevant cookies.

2. What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple, tiny file containing personal data that is transmitted with the OptimumbyCallens.com pages which your bowser saves to the hard disk of your computer or other device. During a subsequent visit, the data that tiny file contains can be send back to our servers or the servers of the third-party in question.

Cookies also include so-called “scripts”. A script is a programming code used to optimise the interactivity of our website.

Lastly, also the terms ‘web beacons’, ‘pixel tags’ or ‘social media cookies’ are qualified as ‘cookies’. These are used to integrate the various social networking sites into OptimumbyCallens.com. This means that elements embedded and stored by a third party with a different content may also be displayed on our website. In addition, the buttons on the various pages allow you to share www.optimumbycallens.com content via social networking sites. Some of the social networking sites that spring to mind are Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Disqus and Twitter.

Functional cookies are processed in virtue of a legitimate interest given that they are needed for the proper functioning and security of OptimumbyCallens.com. We do not install any other cookies unless you have given www.optimumbycallens.com your consent to do so.

3. Types of cookies

3.1 Origin

First-party cookies  are cookies OptimumbyCallens.com places on the website directly.

Third-party cookies are cookies third parties place on OptimumbyCallens.com, more specifically because OptimumbyCallens.com incorporates elements from other websites into its own website.

3.2 Lifespan

Permanent cookies  remain on your device for the cookie’s lifetime. They are activated any time you visit OptimumbyCallens.com.

Session cookies  simplify and link up your actions while browsing. These cookies are temporary in nature and are installed any time you open your browser. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

3.3. Function/purpose:

Functional cookies  ensure that all the components of the website work as they should. These cookies, for one those that facilitate load balancing (i.e. cookies that distribute requests to a web server over a number of computers), are indispensable for the website’s proper functioning and security and to adapt the user interface (i.e. choice of language and the manner in which search results are displayed). Cookies such as these can be installed without your permission.

Non-functional cookies  are installed on your device for statistical, social and commercial purposes. They are independent of the technical support www.optimumbycallens.com provides and do require your consent. These cookies invariably require your express consent.

(Non-functional) technical cookies  ensure that we keep abreast of your user preferences. They make OptimumbyCallens.com easier to access and prevent you having to re-enter the same information every time you visit our website.

Analytical cookies  tell us how you use OptimumbyCallens.com. On the basis of the data collected, we statistically analyse the structure, navigation and content of OptimumbyCallens.com to make it more user-friendly and enhance it.

Marketing cookies are used to personalise online advertising content. Based on your profile, which is compiled using your click and browsing behaviour on our site, both OptimumbyCallens.com and third parties get an insight into the success of our promotional campaigns.

These also include  social media cookies  which allow us to incorporate social networking site buttons. Buttons operate via a code that originates from the sites themselves and are a clever way to promote web pages and allow you to ‘like’ and ‘pin’.
Please note that OptimumbyCallens.com does not have any control over the manner in which social networking sites use and deal with the data they collect by means of cookies placed via OptimumbyCallens.com. For further information, please check the privacy statements of the individual social networking sites, which can be found in the list of active cookies below. Do bear in mind however that the social networking sites are free to amend these privacy statements at any time.

4. Cookies used by OptimumbyCallens.com

List of cookies

A cookie is a tiny text file containing data a website wants to store on your device (when you visit the website) to allow it to remember data about you, such as your language preference or login details. These cookies are configured by us and go by the name of internal cookies. In addition, we also use external cookies. External cookies belong to a domain other than the one you accessed. We use these for advertising and marketing purposes. More specifically, we use cookies and other tracking technology for the following purposes:


Cookie subgroupCookiesCookies used
OptimumbyCallens.comeupubconsentOptanonAlertBoxClosedOptanonConsent1st Party
WebToffee__cfduid3rd Party


Cookie subgroupCookiesCookies used
OptimumbyCallens.com_hjIncludedInSample1st Party
OptimumbyCallens.com_gat_UA-128217440-1_hjid_ga_gclxxxx_gat_gid1st Party


Cookie subgroupCookiesCookies used
OptimumbyCallens.comcookie-agreed1st Party


Cookie subgroupCookiesCookies used
eu_fbp1st Party
doubleclick.netIDE, test_cookie3rd Party
www.facebook.com3rd Party
facebook.comfr3rd Party
youtube.comGPS, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC3rd Party

5. Consent

Cookies can only be stored on your device without your consent if they are absolutely essential for you to visit OptimumbyCallens.com or to give you access to a service OptimumbyCallens.com provides. If neither of these conditions are met, we will only install the cookies in question if you have given your consent.

You can give your consent when you visit OptimumbyCallens.com for the first time by clicking on “Accept all cookies”. You can also set your preferences by clicking “Manage cookies”, where you can choose to use certain cookies only.

6. Turning cookies on or off

Via your Internet browser you have the option to automatically or manually disable the cookie functionality and to specify whether certain cookies can be installed or not. At that, you can configure your Internet browser in such a way that you receive a message any time a cookie is about to be installed. Further information about these options can be found in your browser’s instructions under the Help functionality.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari web en iOS

Mind! If you disabled the cookie functionality, OptimumbyCallens.com may not work as it should. Cookies that have been removed in your browser will be re-installed when you visit OptimumbyCallens.com next, provided you give your consent.

7. Contact

In the event of questions and/or comments on this cookie statement, please contact OptimumbyCallens.com via:

Delta 54
6825 MS Arnhem
The Netherlands

Website: OptimumbyCallens.com
Email:  info@OptimumbyCallens.com

Telephone number: +31 (0)26 3760 250